Check Out Guide

Step 1: Choose a product you like and add to cart. You will see the big orange ADD TO CART button at the product page, besides quantity box. After choosing your product style, size, click on that ADD TO CART button and our site will direct you to the cart page. 

Step 2: At the cart page, when you done choosing all the items you want and check again the size, please find the button CHECK OUT lie at the right side. This button will direct you to the check out page.

Step 3: At the information page, please fill in your contact and shipping information, then click button CONTINUE TO SHIPPING at the end of page. A pop up will appear to verify the address you fill in, if you're sure that the address is correct, click the PROCEED button, or click UPDATE button if you want to edit your address. After that, you will be direct to shipping page

Step 4: At shipping page, usually there's no need to do much in this step. Just check again your shipping address and shipping cost, then click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT button to head to the last step of check out: Payment step. 

Step 5: At the payment step, please fill all the payment information needed, then click PAY NOW button. If you see THANK YOU PAGE after that, then you have successfully placed your order.

Notice: In some cases, the payment may fail because the payment was declined by the bank's card, and there's nothing much we can do with this. If you see this happens with your card, we suggest switching to another card to complete the payment.

I hope this can help you. Kindly let me know if you still have any difficulties.